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Fiesta Sunday has always been the most religious day of the Fiesta. It all begins with the traditional outdoor mass at the Altar at St. Peter's Square. Each year a visiting Bishop or Cardinal graces us with his presence and delivers Sunday Mass. Hundreds of people attend the religious event.

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Sunday Mass

After Mass, a religious procession marches through the streets of Gloucester. Floats are decorated with religious themes, bands come from all over to participate. Many religious groups carry statues of the Virgin Mary and other patron saints, but the highlight of the parade is St. Peter, who is carried upon the shoulders of volunteers.

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St. Peter Being Carried in the Parade

Once the parade is complete the religious ceremonies head toward the ocean, where many small and large boats are gathered. The Cardinal then Blesses "all these ships and those who sail thereon" in a desire to insure their safety and continued prosperity.

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The Cardinal in The Parade


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